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Highly available, secure and certified!

Drone shot of our data center with Frankfurts skyline in the background.

Data centre

Our data centre (Tier III+) is located in Germany, Frankfurt am Main, the most important digital hub in Europe. It offers an optimal connection to national and international internet providers and enables easy accessibility to customers all over the world through the direct connection to the DE-CIX.

It is certified according to ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, PCI DSS, ISAE 3402 and TÜV-certified.

Image of security cameras observing our data center.


A security centre manned around the clock on the premises monitors all sections of the data centre. Continuous video surveillance, a fence system around the entire site and a contactless badge locking system as well as detailed documentation ensure that only selected persons have access to our premises.

Image of the redundant energy generators for our data center.

Power supply

We offer an uninterruptible power supply via a redundant (N+2) A and B feed. To ensure that the servers are accessible even in an emergency, the emergency power supply meets all requirements for highly available and business-critical applications.

Of course, we use 100% green electricity from hydroelectric power plants.

Image of the air conditioning system on the roof of our data center with parks in the background.

Air conditioning

The data centre is cooled by a highly fail-safe and scalable air-conditioning system. The room temperature is maintained at 24 °C (+2/-4 °C) and permanently monitored by sensors. The relative humidity is between 35% and 60%. The server cages are equipped with a cold aisle containment, which keeps the cooling circuit particularly efficient and reliable.

Image of the fire extinguishing gas for the safety system in our data center.

Fire protection

To ensure maximum safety, optical and thermal fire detectors on two levels (raw ceiling and raised floor) ensure early detection of fire sources. With an Inergen extinguishing system, we prevent additional damage to servers in the event of a fire.

Image of multiple network and fibeeglass cables.


The direct connection to well-known providers (Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone) guarantees reliable and low latency. By using state-of-the-art routers and switches, we can build on the latest technology and implement highly available setups based on e.g. EVPN.

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