Dedicated, Cloud or Colocation?

For a modern company, servers have become indispensable. Whether for the digitalisation of work processes, web shops to reach more customers or an easily accessible web presence - to achieve an optimal balance between costs and benefits, it is important to choose the right server.
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How do you find the right server?

That's exactly why we're looking at the difference between dedicated and cloud servers, what colocation offers are all about and how you can make the most of S3 storage in our first blog post today.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a physical server that is provided exclusively for the use of a single company. The hardware is usually provided by the hosting provider and can also be changed or expanded at a later date. This makes dedicated servers ideal for you if you want to benefit from high performance, reliability and security. For example, for the digitalisation of internal company workflows or as a basic framework for business-critical applications, such as ERP systems.

Cloud Server

Cloud servers are virtual servers that are provided and run in a cloud-based network. They are characterised by particularly high scalability, flexibility and agility, as they are accessible from anywhere and can be adapted to new requirements with little effort and a few clicks. You can rely on cloud servers, if you attach great importance to fast scaling and want to react flexibly to changing requirements. This is the case, for example, if you are looking for a hosting offer for your online shop or company website.


A colocation plan involves renting physical space in a data centre where your company can then house its own servers and general hardware. The hosting provider provides the infrastructure such as power, cooling and internet connectivity, while you as the customer are responsible for managing your own servers. Colocation hosting is ideal for you if you need greater control over your servers but cannot or do not want to provide the infrastructure in-house. It's also a cost-effective option for businesses that already own servers and want to continue using them.


S3 storage is a scalable and highly available object storage service that can be used flexibly to store or process large amounts of data. It uses a 100% S3-compatible API that can be used with Veeam, Restic, Duplicity and many other software solutions. You benefit especially from the transparent cost model, where you only pay for the storage space you use for your projects. S3-enabled storage is ideal for you if you need a scalable and secure storage option that is accessible from anywhere.


Choosing the right hosting service depends on the needs of your business. You can avoid unnecessary extra costs and additional work if you are clear about your goals and requirements beforehand.

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